Alcohol effects

Talkative drunkenness BAC = 0,03 - 0,12%
A typical symptom of this level is the amount of talking. The consumer would have a good mood but still within boundaries.

Moderate drunkenness BAC = 0,09 - 0,25%
Failure to coordinate and the loss of concentration. The mood may improve or deteriorate markedly. The consumer is tired, which in rare cases ends in sleep.

Heavy drunkenness BAC = 0,18 - 0,30%
Inability to walk independently, unintelligible speech, mental and behavioral disorders. Significant risk of aggression.

Serious intoxication BAC = 0,25 - 0,40%
Severe risk of unconsciousness. Slow and shallow breathing. The potential risk of breathing problems and stasis.

Danger of death BAC = 0,35 - 0,50%
Comatose state – lethal dose for 50% of patients.


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